Left: Feb 01, 2013 - Having a coffee at Santa Fe Espresso in La Plata, Missouri.
Right: March 16, 2016 - Picking up our new 2016 Tesla Model X in Tigard, Oregon (near Portland).

Current Projects:

I've been retired from a paycheck ever since Barbara, my wife, and I sold MIDCOM Corporation, the company we founded in 1979. But I have not retired from being actively involved in a number of projects. The #1 project that takes most of my time in managing the TrainWeb websites:,, and TrainWeb.US. These 3 websites were inspired by my very first Amtrak rail trip in 1995. Ever since, I've been publishing rail travelogues with extensive photos to the web as well as providing free web hosting for others to post their rail travelogues and photos. This has expanded into providing free web hosting to hundreds of train enthusiasts and rail related organizations to share their interests in model railroads, rail history, train watching, and more. Click here for a Directory of all the aspects of trains covered at TrainWeb.

Over time I have created new websites that cover cruise travel, Tesla roadtrips, other travel, plus my other interests not related to travel. You can find links to all of these at, the corporate umbrella for all these ventures. Click Here to learn more about these projects.

MIDCOM Corporation

Much of the education, knowledge, experience, and funding to initiate the above projects came from the business that my wife and I started in 1979, MIDCOM Corporation. Click Here to learn more about MIDCOM and what it is doing today. Click on the "History" tab at to learn about our creation and involvement at MIDCOM. We sold and retired from MIDCOM a number of years back.

The following is from MIDCOM's own "ABOUT MIDCOM" History page on February 1, 2024: MIDCOM is an innovative provider of IT, Technical, Engineering and Professional Services. For over 37 years, our diverse and expert service, talent, and advanced technologies have allowed us and our partners to win, deliver, and complete mission critical programs and initiatives within the Aerospace and Defense Sector. MIDCOM grew its roots in the Aerospace industry back in 1979 before the company incorporated. The owners (Barbara and I) were computer engineers at Digital Equipment Corporation who had their initial security clearance sponsored by Hughes and ESL (TRW) with their first contracts at Hughes and TRW in 1980. In 1992, NASA's Minority Committee led by Dan Goldin selected MIDCOM's then owner, to provide insight into the Aerospace service industry from a Woman's business perspective. MIDCOM has current long standing national contracts with the major Aerospace, Defense, High Technology and Cyber Security agencies and Prime Contractors. Aerospace has been the primary focus of MIDCOM's business for over 37 years and we have an in depth understanding of the skill sets, experience, and controls needed to operate in this industry with unparalleled success. Our employees work with us over the years and through changing economies because we treat them fairly and with respect. Midcom is proud to become a Cenergy company. To learn more about Cenergy, please visit

Additional Personal Information

Photos From My Personal History:
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My Weight Loss Story

Left: May 1999 - Center: April 2007 - Right: June 2010
11 years later and 50 pounds lighter!

Beleive it or not, most of my weight loss was from going vegetarian for 3 years and mostly eating at Indian restaurants, but cutting out all meat and all dishes with any kind of creamy sauce. I mostly just ate the spicy vegtable dishes and rice. Today I'm back to eating meat, but mostly salmon and chicken. I rarely eat any red meats or sweets. I haven't been able to maintain my very svelt figure in the right photo above so am more like the above center photo, but that is still way better and about 35 pounds lighter than the above left photo.

Los Angeles Adoptee Support Group,
including Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC.
Click Here to read my adoption reunion story.

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